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  Game relies on its music and rhythm.  Make sure you can hear it.   

When the music starts, the world of the dead and the world of the living collide... Make your way out of a haunted Peranakan mansion in this musical rhythmic platformer. On the beat of the music, the player switches between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Listen to the beat to navigate obstacles and escape the mansion!

4 Levels to complete (and one bonus level if you can find it).

This is a post-gamejam version of a game created for the GM48 game jam

We plan to develop this further. Follow us on twitter @TheMiniBunnies to follow along!



  • Move: WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Jump: Space / Up Arrow / W
  • Interact: E / Ctrl 
  • Mouse button to click "Play" button in menu screen


  • Move: Left Stick / D-pad
  • Jump: (A) / (X)
  • Interact: (B) / (Y)
  • Left stick / D-pad + A to click "Play" button in menu screen


  • Listen carefully to the beat!
  • On the third level, your hitbox is always just your character, not the stack of money.
  • You can talk to old man ghost for additional dialogue after completing your objective (:

Developer Notes

Our last gamejam entry was Icelandic-themed (our coder is from Iceland) so we decided to make a Peranakan-themed game this time (artist and composer from Singapore). Peranakan culture originates from Southern Chinese people who migrated to the Malayan and Indonesian peninsula a few centuries ago. You'll notice lots of Peranakan-inspired art assets (colourful and detailed) in the game and Chinese-inspired music.

 We are having trouble with our MacOSX build so that it is temporarily unavailable

  • The main enemies are jiangshi, hopping vampires from Chinese mythology.
  • The money in the game is joss paper, which is paper money you burn to send to your ancestors in the world of the dead.
  • In the second level, you'll notice rice bowls with chopsticks sticking up in the feast for the dead -- sticking your chopsticks upright indicate that the food is an offering for the dead, which is why you're not meant to do that when you eat normally!
  • The music in the second level is inspired by Chinese festival music, which is full of gongs and drums to scare away ghosts.
  • The boss in the fourth level is Heibai Wuchang, guardians of the underworld that escort the recently deceased.
  • At the end of the game, the ghost calls himself as a "hungry ghost". This refers to the Hungry Ghost Festival in the 7th month of the lunar calendar, where the gates of the underworld open, so people must leave offerings and burn incense for the ghosts.
  • There are four levels because four is the number of death in Chinese.
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GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Rhythm
Tags2D, dialogue, jiangshi, peranakan, singapore, Singleplayer


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I played the previous version and this one allowed for controller support which was awesome, the controls are very crisp and responsive.

I think the third level changed a little bit and it was better and harder too.

I am using a steam controller and for some reason the interact button was binded to my LB but it did not effect my gameplay too much.

hmm, thats odd. We did use the values for an xbox controller and hadnt tested playstation or steam controllers, might look into that thanks.


It expands upon the previous version of the game where the graphic design was captivating and the music was unique. The game play is just as good if not better, especially with the addition of the secret level. Funnily enough, I found the secret level  by mistake when I fell down several times. That was the funniest part for me and it caught me off guard!